Working across industry allows me to see business best practices and challenges from different vantage points.  It’s part of what clients value.  And while every industry is different, construction might provide a useful mirror for what all leaders could pay attention to as they grow their organizations.  Three of those reflections:

  1. Volatility and Uncertainty are Steady Companions. Wishing that the weather stays sunny, both literally and metaphorically, won’t make it so.  But expecting change and communicating clear expectations to clients creates more trust, more repeat business, and a more robust organization.   Are the right expectations being set with your clients at the outset?  And is there sustained communication throughout the relationship, particularly when there’s a blip?
  2. Effort Matters.  A lot.  The more uncertainty and volatility in an industry, the greater the impact of its employees.  Do your team members thrive on problem solving?  Are they invigorated by it?  Do they expect circumstances to shift and are they comfortable riding the waves?
  3. On Time and Under Budget are Always Important. Are your team members, from the top of the organization to the front lines, attached to the outcome of their work?  Are they behaving as if they understand the consequences of either of those two metrics not being met?

The above are all predicated on people who strive for their best.

Are you building an organization where the best seek to work?


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