I’ve returned to yoga after a hiatus of some time.  There is a particular pose, “Firefly,” that has eluded me since I began taking classes twenty years ago.  It requires all of yoga’s essentials: strength, balance, and flexibility.  My teacher assures me that it is within my grasp.  To pave the way, I’ve been attempting its precursor, “Crow.”

And two weeks ago in class, I held “Crow” for two seconds.

Struggling to lift off the mat and into balance, I was looking back at my feet when my teacher said something completely disorienting.

“Sarah, lift your head,” she said.

Huh?  I needed to be watching my feet.

But you know what happened next.

Lift off.

That’s part of what makes an exceptional teacher/coach/mentor/guide.

They know where you must place your gaze to lift off.

And they know that, sometimes, orientation requires disorientation.


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