Many of us are considering what we want to bring forward from our time during the pandemic and what we want to be sure not to.

We’re considering things we let go of and things we held on to.

It occurs to me that this is a unique time for leaders, as well, to consider who and how they want to be.

An authenticity opportunity.

If you want to be in a room with others who are deliberately taking the path forward, there are only 3 seats remaining in this month’s Legacy on Purpose℠ Private Conference on June 24 + 25.  Join me in the virtual room (no hotel, no air, no hassle) from 9:30-12:30ET both days.  You’ll get prep work, have the opportunity to get live coaching and feedback from me, meet top tier colleagues, have real conversations, and create a roadmap for going forward that is unique to you, your life, and your legacy.

For a brochure, email me immediately:

Or for details right now, go to this blog post which lists all the conference details and what you can expect.
The fee for this unique, new conference is $1000 and goes up on June 14th to $1250.

The time is now.  Don’t miss it.