As I eyed the sweater on the rack, I thought, “Warm.  Casual, but well-tailored.  Great with jeans.”

A decent, if not special, addition to my wardrobe.

En route to the register, I ran into the store manager who knows my taste.  I promptly showed her my find and proclaimed: “Great with jeans.”  Taking the sweater from my hand, she walked over to another rack and held its light blue against the winter white of some dress pants.  She told me that the sweater would certainly work with jeans, but when paired with those pants, a crisp shirt underneath, and a long, gold necklace, it could be something else entirely.

I’d been her customer long enough to know that she wasn’t selling me.  Two weeks prior, we’d heartily agreed that the dark, floral print dress I’d tried on was far (far!) better left on the rack than on me.  What she was doing was showing me something that I couldn’t see on my own.

I saw great with jeans.  She saw spectacular.

My work as a trusted advisor is a bit like that.  I help senior leaders see their talents and strengths in a whole new light so they can use them to full advantage.

And be ever more spectacularly successful.

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