Steep but not impossible.  Even for a novice like me.  The trail was well-marked but rocky, sometimes wet.  And the weather was perfect.  The cool from the low-hanging clouds of the night before was giving way to warm sunlight, and although my running clothes weren’t ideal for the trek, the old hiking boots that I’d pulled from the dark rear of my closet, were.

It was a long time since I’d been hiking, maybe 25 years.  What finally enticed me out of my meandering car ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway last week was the urge to get closer to and above those glorious purple mountaintops

I wanted to see.

So up it was.  To the first plateau.  And then the second.  By the time I reached the very top, I was standing on a grouping of giant flat rocks that jutted out from the terrain, seemingly suspended in midair.  I have no idea how many miles of crests I was looking at that day, but I do know that the vista was not one I could have gotten from the Parkway below.

As a CEO or senior leader, have you created the opportunity to see from a vantage point that you might not otherwise?  And do you have a place along the trail to pause, take stock, and evaluate while ascending?

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