Walking along the beach last weekend, my eyes were drawn to two frolicking dogs. Riveted as their owners threw a fluorescent green tennis ball into the waves, the Golden went racing in full throttle and came swimming back each time, victorious.  Not as enthralled by rushing headlong into the sea, the Rotty would take a few leaps alongside his teammate and then, standing with full attention, watch and wait patiently at the water’s edge for his pack member to return.  Then, as the Golden emerged from the water, the Rotty was there to greet him, wrestling and playing with vigor and participation until their owners made another toss and it started all over again.

As a CEO or senior executive, are you encouraging your direct reports to work at those things at which they’re most talented, watching with both an attentive and supportive eye as they go out into deeper water? And do they know that you’re on shore, available for back up?  Does your senior team, despite any friendly rivalry, function seamlessly and with exceptional performance?  And, as their leader, are you able to keep your eye not only on the ball, but on the most important conditions and variables of the ocean in which all of you swim?


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