I’ve been thinking a lot lately about capacity, about the kind that resides in all of us and is made greater – if we allow it – by disappointment and setback, about how it can expand and deepen to better empathize and understand another.

If you’re a leader, you’re also likely a coach.  Not in a formal way, perhaps, but in the way that you mentor and guide and set the example for and inspire to a higher bar.

And when someone’s in a tight spot, your lived experience packaged as guidance on how to do it differently can be invaluable to them.

A gift.

But if we begin with the ‘how,’ we risk losing the moment to lead from our humanity and humility and share that we, too, have had to learn this very thing.  Or we very well know from experience that it can be difficult to stretch and grow to more.

Perhaps counterintuitively, it is that realness that team members will follow and resonate with, go the extra mile for and are loyal to.

From that place, we connect differently and better understand and see the other.  Our guidance may land differently, be more impactful.

Perhaps even inspirational.

But the capacity to turn toward someone else is only expanded by not turning away from ourselves, first.


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