Natural.  We are in the throes of an event that many of us have yet to wrap our minds and hearts around, an event that is still unfolding.  All the while we are working and doing it from home.  We might feel overwhelmed one moment and peaceful the next.

This is what I suggest to myself and to clients:

  1. Feel the feeling. Whatever it is: sadness, anger, exhaustion, disappointment, confusion, distress.
  2. Get outside and go for a walk or participate in some form of exercise. Our emotions are generally closer to the surface these days.  Outside there is fresh air and a fresh visual perspective.  And movement helps to get the emotion out of the body and ground us.  Practice any and all grounding and centering activities.
  3. Connect with select others to share experiences and support. And to listen.  We need one another’s peaceful presence more than ever.  If you are leading, select someone with whom you can talk and have a sounding board, but who won’t feel burdened by your concerns.
  4. Repeat.


For more on working with me directly:   I work with CEOs and senior executives who are courageous, talented, successful, and want to make their mark.

New! Important Update: The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Dinners Program is Now Virtual

If you’re leading in this climate, you need support, insight, and a confidential space to discuss your most pressing issues.  I’ve reconfigured this offering from in-person to virtual, dramatically increased the number of group cohort meetings, and added substantially more private coaching with me. 

And I’ve slashed the price.

We launch in June.

And will go through all of 2020, giving you’re the support and resources you need for navigating the entire year and coming out on the other side.

For experienced senior leaders interested in getting ahead of the curve, generating results, gaining a competitive edge, and furthering their growth, professionally and personally.

This program includes:

  • A select cohort of seasoned leaders with a maximum of 5 members in each group to allow for full discussion and ample time for each person
  • Monthly “deep dive” group meetings
  • My expertise and industry insights gathered from a diverse range of clients. We’ll address everything from client retention to team performance to how to create strategy during this time of upheaval so that you’re ready to return
  • Individual, private and confidential guidance and coaching with me each month for 7 months that’s dedicated to the nuances of your particular business and situation
  • Up to 5 complimentary copies of my book, Magnificent Leadership, for you and your team. These stories of leadership during tumult and crisis have never been more relevant.

Rather than 4 in-person meetings each year, we’ll meet remotely once each month to discuss the most important business and leadership topics that you’re tackling.  In this unique membership community, you’ll hear outside-the-box thinking, experiments, and real-time results.  Designed to be light on time and heavy on the most relevant, up-to-date information and practical application, the Magnificent Leadership® Virtual Executive (BYO) Dinners Program leverages the power of a confidential setting for sharing best thinking and biggest concerns with personalized coaching and group support and mindshare.

To inquire and apply for membership:

These seats will go quickly.