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If you have not listened to the podcast interviews that I’ve been doing for The Making Magnificence Project® since 2012, I encourage you to.  These are conversations with extraordinary people who led themselves — and those around them — through significant uncertainty and challenge.  Many started over from scratch.

I asked them how they did it.

And their answers have never been more relevant.

If you haven’t seen the brand new 5 Year Retrospective video interview that Glen Tullman and I just did, it is not to be missed.  Glen is Founder and Executive Chairman of Livongo Health, and in addition to sharing his success strategies for taking a company from start-up to IPO in 5 years, he also shares his doubts along the way.

Stay tuned for more new interviews coming soon.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a subscriber to my weekly blog, which is always free of charge.  If you know someone who would value it as you do, pass it along.

My website is about to undergo a major overhaul and it will be a repository for most of my IP, including published articles on a range of leadership topics from succession to strategy.  They will all be complimentary to you.  Stay tuned.  Magnificent Leadership® Video Series also coming soon.  Some will be short, some will be longer.  But they will always be relevant.

 Customized Engagement Opportunities:

Announcing The Reinventing Real Coaching Program

In 2009, in the throes of the recession, I was out of my job.

And my home.

And my marriage.

All at the same time.

My husband and I were divorcing, I was exiting the greenhouse business that we’d built together, and I had no idea what I was going to do professionally.

Fast forward and I’ve built a thriving consulting practice working with talented senior leaders associated with some of the most recognizable global brands.

I had to create that.

From scratch.

If you are wondering what new career opportunities and paths might be waiting for you in this tumult, if you’re yearning for more meaningful and fulfilling work, if you’re trying to figure out which path might be the right one, if you want to use what has been dealt to you for the better, the Reinventing Real Coaching Program is about taking your destiny into your own hands, finding your path, and making your way.  You might stay in your current profession but change roles.  You might stay right where you are but change your perspective.  Or you might take a leap and embark on a new path.  This 6 month intensive coaching program includes individual, private sessions with me, the Magnificent Leadership® Career Map and Inventory for the assessment phase, a customized strategic plan for moving forward, and sustained support on exploration and execution.

This is the whole package.

No matter how disrupted and upside down things might be, the world will always need talented, brave, and resilient people like you.

To inquire, write to me:  Available in individual and group formats.


Magnificent Leadership® Ascension – Private Leadership Guidance

Your leadership matters more than ever.  And you likely need a sounding board and an outside perspective more than ever.  During this crisis and beyond, there will be leaders who not only ascend in their own trajectory but rise to this difficult occasion, who bear the tremendous weight and responsibility with grace and courage.  Those leaders will steer themselves and their organizations into the future.  And they are my clients.

MLA is for those leaders at, or approaching, their apex.  It gives you access to the CEO and executive leadership tools that matter the most.

Ever wonder how some leaders allow themselves to be forged by crisis rather than folding to it?  They’re composed under tremendous pressure, respected, and have the influence necessary to lead high-stakes initiatives.  They’re at ease under the bright lights of visibility and responsibility and are communicative and compassionate.  They find the right words and take the right actions during difficult situations.  They’re confident talking to the front line or the Board and are comfortable in their own skin.  They build teams that will follow them anywhere.  They have remarkable success in their industries.  And their ascension is often faster than their peers.

That’s not an accident.

MLA is my premiere executive offering for exceptional CEOs and senior leaders who are leading during these high stakes, never-before-navigated times.

  • Concierge service with unrestricted, unlimited, direct access to me via text, phone, and email
  • After-hours responsiveness to address time-sensitive matters of urgency
  • Confidential and discreet sounding board
  • Objective insight and best practices drawn from a broad range of clients and industries
  • Customized half day strategic leadership session to create a personalized leadership development plan
  • Magnificent Leadership® Inventory for leveraging your strengths and identifying gaps
  • Priority access to my calendar
  • Monthly deep dive, proactive strategic sessions
  • Guaranteed invitation to my Magnificent Leadership® Virtual Executive Dinners program, where you can discuss issues of greatest significance with select peers in an informal, confidential setting
  • 10% discount on any of my other offerings

Because you need a guide during these times, someone who provides an experienced, outside perspective at critical moments, someone whose sole objective is your success, someone who’s in your corner, and knows your aspirations.

Due to the highly customized and concierge nature of this signature offering, I’m only accepting 5 clients into the MLA program for the entire year.  To discuss an invitation and schedule a mutually exploratory phone call:


New! Important Update: The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Dinners Program is Now Virtual

If you’re leading in this climate, you need support, insight, and a confidential space to discuss your most pressing issues.  I’ve reconfigured this offering from in-person to virtual, dramatically increased the number of group cohort meetings, and added substantially more private coaching with me.

And I’ve slashed the price.

We launch in June.

And will go through all of 2020, giving you’re the support and resources you need for navigating the entire year and coming out on the other side.

For experienced senior leaders interested in getting ahead of the curve, generating results, gaining a competitive edge, and furthering their growth, professionally and personally.

This program includes:

  • A select cohort of seasoned leaders with a maximum of 5 members in each group to allow for full discussion and ample time for each person
  • Monthly “deep dive” group meetings
  • My expertise and industry insights gathered from a diverse range of clients. We’ll address everything from client retention to team performance to how to create strategy during this time of upheaval so that you’re ready to return
  • Individual, private and confidential guidance and coaching with me each month for 7 months that’s dedicated to the nuances of your particular business and situation
  • Up to 5 complimentary copies of my book, Magnificent Leadership, for you and your team. These stories of leadership during tumult and crisis have never been more relevant.

Rather than 4 in-person meetings each year, we’ll meet remotely once each month to discuss the most important business and leadership topics that you’re tackling.  In this unique membership community, you’ll hear outside-the-box thinking, experiments, and real-time results.  Designed to be light on time and heavy on the most relevant, up-to-date information and practical application, the Magnificent Leadership® Virtual Executive (BYO) Dinners Program leverages the power of a confidential setting for sharing best thinking and biggest concerns with personalized coaching and group support and mindshare.

To inquire and apply for membership:

These seats will go quickly.


New! Forge Rather Than Fold — Virtual Strategic Team Sessions

Your team may be unfocused and your world upside down.  This strategic session is designed to get the best thinking in the room, bring everyone together to craft a plan with responsibilities and accountabilities — along with mile markers and check-ins — so you can be ready to respond and adjust as changing circumstances require.  You want to be prepared and flexible.  At the same time.

Have you distinguished between what is critical now and what can be rolled out over time?  Have you created a clear action plan to retain your top talent and best clients so that you can hit the ground running?  Have you explored opportunities to pivot to new markets, create new products?  Do you have adequate contingency and preventive plans for seamless operation?  Can you ramp up quickly?

We’ll convene you and your team for a 3 hour virtual strategic session and you’ll come out with a plan for these tumultuous times.  Includes advance meeting to establish objectives, pre-work, and debrief.

For those who want a jump start on the future.

To reserve a calendar date for late April or May:


New!  Remote Workshop Topics for Your Virtual Events:

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How to forge ahead rather than follow during difficult times

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How to Quickly Pivot, Meet Changing Circumstances, and Thrive

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Magnificent Leadership®: Building Self-Correcting Teams™
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I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at signature events at: Oracle, BASF Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The Association for Financial Professionals, among many others. You can reach me at: