Back up plans in business or life are usually secondary.  They are Plans B and C.  They’re not first.

But the kind of back up I’m dreaming of will be a first for me.  It involves dim lights, microphones, and lots of guts.  I’m talking about singing as a back up girl.  In a band.  Just once.


Over a recent girls’ night out, I confessed this long-held yearning to a friend, and I was prepared to be met with a ‘wow, she’s lost her marbles’ look.  After all, grown-ups aren’t “supposed” to have these kinds of dreams, are we?  Well, as it turns out, my friend is a wanna be back up girl, too, and we’ve made a pact to forge ahead together.

After giggles about high heels and fabulous dresses, (it is about the whole experience, after all!), we brought ourselves back to earth and started to make a plan.  First things first: we needed to learn how to sing.  Music tutor here we come!

Let’s face it, I might not be able to carry a tune.  But even if I find my voice, we might not find a band.  And it’s always possible that on the night of the event, I’ll just flat out flop.  But here’s the thing: if I choose not to try something that I yearn for just because I’m scared, then I’ll be telling myself to take a seat in the corner of my life.  I don’t know about you, but that’s soul-crushing for me.

Take Away #1: be prepared to follow your dreams in the face of naysayers and be careful what you tell yourself about what other people think – you can be so very wrong.

Take Away #2:  To avoid being overwhelmed by the ‘how am I ever going to get there’ feeling that can accompany
the wonderful imaginings of your life, create small, actionable steps.

Take Away #3:  When it comes to what deeply taps at your soul, tell your fear to go take a seat in the corner.

Can you take a risk and stretch yourself to become more, to pull some long-held
dreams out of your heart’s closet and into the world?  Is it possible to gently push the bounds, one small step at a time, of what you’ve come to expect of yourself and your life and commit to shining as brightly as you can?
Lemme know, people!

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