Running has left a few marks over the last four years, including a sprained ankle, a cranky hip, and a scar on my right knee.  Its greatest impression, though, has been on my soul, and in addition to helping me button my pants, running has been a wonderful teacher.  So a few of my favorite lessons, equally applicable to someone heading up a company, a recently-single household, or a life:

1. Rest builds strength.

I’m so taken with this little miracle of the body.  Even though running works our muscles, it’s the rest and repair phase afterward that builds strength.  Rest, it turns out, is the secret formula for getting stronger.

2. Less is more.

This one is counterintuitive for most of us (including me) but so often true.  Take off the watch, (or other standards of measurement), show up, do the work that you love, and let go.  Spectacular results can follow.

3. You’re gonna fall and it’s gonna hurt, but you’ll be ok.

Venture down a road you’ve never traveled, and at some point, you’re likely going to slip. The terrain is new, you’re not familiar with the route, and there will be dips in the road that you didn’t expect. It can be scary.  But if you don’t let the fear of falling get in the way too often, you might find yourself thriving.  And those small scars on your knees?  They turn out to be reminders of the courage you found within yourself to take a new route.