French lessons on Duolingo.  That little green owl makes me laugh.

Hot chocolate from Escazu.  You can order their mix, and although it’s not quite the same as when they whip it up in the store in Raleigh, it ain’t bad.  (They roast their own cacao beans!)

Observing the hyacinth that a friend just gifted me grow little bit each day.  Magic!

Ginger turmeric tea and my journal in the evening before bed.

Beginning most days with an Oprah and Deepak meditation.  For the 20 minutes or so that it takes, it sets me up for a more grounded, more me, day.  (And, yes, more fluid and productive.)

Puzzles.  Completed one and I’m hooked.  Trying to carve out weekend time to do the next.

Walking in the woods.  Turns out that strange squawking that I’d been hearing all summer was the sound of a flock of blue herons deep in the woods.  More magic!

Danielle LaPorte’s podcast.  Soothing and uplifting all in one.

Either starting to jump rope or get back to barre as my Achilles mends from running.

Books, of course.  A former client just recommended this one.

What are your ingredients for winter sustenance and play?