If you are overscheduled such that you can’t be present, that’s worth changing.

And if you equate being rushed with appearing important, that’s worth changing, too.


The Magnificent Leadership® Ascension program is designed specifically for bold leaders who want to create a lasting imprint of meaningful contribution and are ready to invest in themselves, their mission, and the future.  Concierge, highly customized.  Comprehensive and confidential.  Strategic and wholistic, personal and professional.   If you want your work and life to bear the signature of your talent, dedication, passion, and determination to make a positive difference in the world, let’s explore working together.  For CEOs and senior leaders.  150K for 12 months.  I’m only taking 3 new clients into this program for all of 2021 due to my commitments with the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum.   Email me directly to schedule a mutually exploratory conversation:  sarah@sarah-levit.com

The 2021 Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum is open for application.  A community of select senior executives.  Candid conversations behind closed doors.  Top-tier guest speakers.  And me.  Members are saying it’s unlike any other senior executive peer group they’ve attended.  Only 3 seats remain in this cohort.  To schedule a brief application interview and ensure that it’s the right fit for you, email me: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

Leveling up in 2021?  If you are moving into an elevated leadership role, I’ve identified 6 domains for success during my work with senior execs just like you.  Shorten your learning curve and increase the speed and height of your trajectory in that first, crucial year.  My clients get promoted, increase their comp, gain greater influence, lead bigger initiatives, improve their visibility, and have giant wins.  Faster.  To inquire about working together or to request my paper on successfully leading in a new role, email me directly: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

By Demand: 2nd Leadership Courage Workshop Live Session, February 11.  The first Leadership Courage Workshop on January 21st has filled.  Because there seems to be such an appetite for this material, I’m opening one more complimentary workshop.   Same deal as the first, 5 people only, and when the seats are gone, they’re gone.  This will be the last Leadership Courage Workshop that I offer in 2021 at no charge.
It is said that a crucible is both a container and a trial from which something new is forged.  2020 was leadership’s crucible.  On Thursday, February 11th at 3:00ET, I’m hosting a one hour workshop to share the learnings acquired in 2020 and the requisites for leadership courage in 2021.  It’s time to begin again.  And take your hard-won wisdom and experience and forge it into something new – and courageous — this year.  Limited to 5 participants only.  Intimate group setting for maximal learning and discussion.  I so support the work of courageous leadership, that I’m offering this at no charge.  To reserve your spot, email me directly: sarah@sarah-levitt.com  When the 5 spots are gone, they’re gone.  Here’s to better, brighter, and bolder for 2021.  Happy New Year!

And… Stay tuned for the release of the Magnificent Leadership® Workbook early in 2021.  Woot!

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Reconnecting with Resilience℠ — Strategically and Successfully Leading through COVID and Beyond
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Magnificent Leadership® – Keys to Leading through Uncertainty and Volatility with Success
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