I’m talking about your professional relationships with the following people:

  • Your clients and customers
  • Your team
  • Your peers across and outside your organization
  • Your superior or Board

First, your clients and customers.  Are you checking in with all of them, doing as much outreach as possible to genuinely ask how they’re doing and what you can do to help?  Are you telling them that you have capacity to serve them?  Are you setting up dedicated lines to answer their questions? Are you really there for them?

Second, your team.  I just wrote about the 4 questions you should be asking.  Use them.

Third, your peers.  Are you sharing best practices and challenges, collaborating wherever possible?  If you’re not tapping some kind of peer network right now, you’re missing a giant opportunity to reduce your learning curve.  I’m hosting a private, virtual cocktail hour for select senior executive clients and guests next week.  If you’d like a future invitation, write to me to inquire: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

Fourth, your superior or Board.  Are you setting and managing expectations and communicating clearly and often?  Are you asking what you can take off your superior’s plate, where you can be of support to them, managing up in that relationship?  Are you discussing contingency plans in the event that someone becomes ill?  (If you’ve been putting off taking that good look at your bench depth, there is no time like the present to ensure that things will run smoothly should a key person need to recover from illness.)

There is an old quote about how 90% of life is just showing up.  Nowhere do we see that more than in our relationships.  Be sure you’re showing up.

Now more than ever.


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