If you’re running a company, a region, or a business unit, you don’t need a high performing team.  You need a self-correcting team.


Because high performance is baseline.

If you truly want to be competitive in your market, you need more than baseline.

Self-correcting teams do the following:

  • They function well without you. You are a reference point and resource, a safety net, and a guide.  They know when they need to come to you, when there’s a red flag for key deliverables and milestones that they need your input for. But you are not a referee.
  • They anticipate problems and make critical decisions within the scope of their responsibilities and roles. They relieve you of matters that keep you in the weeds.
  • They use discretion and judgment and have both the capacity and the freedom to think and problem solve. They’re trusted, by you and by those who interact with them, inside the organization and outside.

If you don’t have a self-correcting team, you can’t be the visionary, strategic leader that your organization needs to create and leverage competitive advantage.

If the stock market has reminded of us anything recently, it’s that success is determined by a system’s capacity to self-correct rather than merely by its aspiration to high performance.


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