I’ve recently had conversations with two different clients about how they can most be themselves as leaders, bringing the whole of their talents and abilities to the challenges and successes of their work, to what they aspire to do, in the midst of pressures and deadlines.  I’ve asked them to identify what I call “anchoring practices,” activities that remove them, physically and mentally, from the daily cacophony so that they can see clearly.  I’ve also asked if they had to let all other rejuvenating practices go, which one would remain and be most replenishing to them, most influential on their thinking and behavior for the better?

If you’re running a team, a P&L, a GBU, or a company, do you have a practice that brings you back to yourself, to the center within that is powerful, confident, and centered, so that you can lead from that place with clarity and conviction?

In my new book, Magnificent Leadership, you can read about the leadership journeys of people like Carolyn Colvin, Former Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Dana Born, 9th Dean of the USAF and Retired Brigadier General, USAF, and Glen Tullman, CEO of Livongo Health.  They all share how they navigated both the trials and the triumphs of leading.  Go here to purchase it at Barnes and Noble.

If you aspire to your own Magnificent Leadership®, you can reach me at: sarah@sarah-levitt.com for more information on working with me directly.  I’ll have openings in Q2.  I work with smart, talented, ambitious senior executives who want to stretch themselves and those around them to become greater.

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