You may be inclined, like most of us, to sacrifice your exercise/meditation/morning walk/fill in the blank routine.

You may, like many of my clients, think that you don’t have the time.  (That’s also my favorite go-to.)

Which is quite natural.

But not helpful.

To you or those for whom you are responsible.

Because even though it looks like the more productive thing to cut out your replenishment time (where, let’s face it, you likely do some of your best thinking), that’s an illusion.

Don’t take my word for it, though.  Ask yourself: Have you ever felt less sharp, less focused, less on your game after taking the time?

A number of clients are facing this challenge right now.  Below you’ll find some of the suggestions I’ve been sharing with them.

  • It’s not yes/no, on/off. During the crunch you may not be able to maintain your exact routine of exercise and replenishment, but you can amend it
  • Which means making a plan and adjusting in advance (you’ll bring your walking shoes with you in your carry-on, for example, and plan to move 3 days instead of the usual 5)
  • You look at the big picture rather than just the crunch and acknowledge that adjusting also means that you’ll be sure to make replenishment a top priority when you’re on the other side, refilling your bucket
  • And you remember that the commitment you’re making is to no one but yourself but it affects many in how you show up and the decisions you make and you recall that it’s not a luxury to take care of yourself as a leader; it’s a necessity

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