I know, just what you want to be reading on a Friday afternoon.  But I’ve been doing a lot of these lately and want to pass along a few tips that I share with clients.

First, set the intention to listen and digest the information in the context of how you are perceived.

This is different from who you are.

If a 360 debrief is done well, it will illuminate your many strengths as well as where you can stretch and grow into more of yourself at your best.  The exemplary leaders that I work with all listen carefully for where they can refine and where they can get better, quickly acknowledging the feedback that is unsavory.  They don’t resist.

Next, turn the information into action and make a plan that will demonstrate different behavior.  No matter the feedback – from micromanaging to arrogance and rigidity to not delegating effectively – create a plan to address it.  A good coach will know what to recommend and which levers to pull.  And then steady, steady, steady, I tell clients.  Perception takes a bit to change.

Lastly, continue to seek and welcome feedback as you make changes.  I recommend to clients that we meet with their superior or select Board members for regular check-ins during the engagement to hear what they’re hearing.  Sometimes, I’ll check in again with a couple of those original key stakeholders at the 3 month mark and then again at 6.  This continued input provides you with invaluable, real time feedback as you do things differently.  You’ll hear what’s moving the needle, what still needs attention.  Around the 3 month mark, you should hear that the fruits of your labor are paying off and that perception is beginning to change.  Suspicion that the changes are temporary is normal, don’t let it discourage you.  With consistent effort, the 9 month mark usually reveals that suspicion has evaporated, and you’ll experience far greater effectiveness and ease in your leadership and enhanced confidence in your abilities.

None of this is possible without that first step of the intention to listen.

And perhaps counterintuitively, it sets the stage for your success.

By receiving rather than resisting the difficult things, you signal that you can be given more responsibility, bigger roles, because you want – and are able – to become more.


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