Of all things not business and leadership related.


This list for what’s next for fiction.  The Midnight Library, a rec from a very dear friend, is on my nightstand now.  Everywhere I go with that book, people stop and exclaim how much they loved it.  I read a ton of non-fiction, and the joys of getting lost in a novel can’t be overstated.


The super delicious, only-happens-in-December spicy gingerbread tiles from this place, along with their rye shortbread.  Email ahead to reserve items for pick up if you’re in the area.  Worth a trip if you’re not.


To this TS tune as I get back to running after a pre-Thanksgiving wipe out on the trail that sidelined me for the last weeks.  I was happily listening to this when I went splat.  It’s the first love song Ms. Griffin ever wrote.  For her dog.


The studio of friend and jewelry designer, Christine Jones.  To make an appointment, go here and tell her I sent you.  Handcrafted, unique pieces are individually created for you.  Couture but with easier prices.


To sit down with my 2024 calendar and block vacation time now.


For a copy of this cocktail book which a dear friend used at Thanksgiving to make a super yummy Old Fashioned.  The beautifully shot pictures are worth the search, and if I remember correctly, it was photographed here, which, if you find yourself in that great city, is definitely worth popping in.  For the murals, the drinks, the jazz, and the Old NY feel.


Final donations to support charitable organizations as the year comes to a close.  So many in need, as always.


Holiday favorite recipes for baking, my grandmother’s rugelach top among them.  The amazing pastry-cookie is still one of the best tasting things ever.  It’s been a little while since I’ve made them, and she only told me the ingredients as I scrawled madly on a small piece of paper, so I’m hoping my memory kicks in.  If figure things out, I’ll publish it here.  You can fill rugels with any number of things: jam, chocolate, but hers always held a fragrant and delicious mixture of cinnamon, sugar, and nuts.  She would feel shy about her recipe being posted here as she was quite modest, but I’m thinking it should be shared.  And you will, too, once you taste these things.  But I have to get into the kitchen first.  Stay tuned.


To some favorite places recently that included South Beach, Chicago (do not miss the Impressionist collection at the ARTIC) and Vermont.  NYC is in the works for early 2024.  I’d never stayed here in Chicago before, and it was delightful.  One of my favorite new hotels.  And the lounge in this DC hotel is perfect for getting some work done next to a roaring fire.


This beautiful local pottery gallery that showcases artisans from across the state and the country.  Pottery, blown glass, metalwork.  And they ship.


A pup from this rescue organization.  Such a great idea – gives the pup a break from the cacophony of the shelter and gives a dog lover like me the opportunity to help out and pamper, train, and hang out with a pup in need.  Brill, really.


A new international mastermind group for 2024.  It’s so great to be thinking with colleagues, be challenged by them, and have the exposure to different world perspectives.  Having some of the meetings in Europe isn’t terrible.


In to these and these.  So cozy as the weather turns colder.  I’ve never been a pajamas and slippers person but I am now.


Forward to Chef Matt Kelly’s reopening of the fabled Nana’s in Durham.  If you’re in the area, worth making a rez.  I have it on good authority that the risotto is better than ever.  And if Matt’s cooking, or overseeing the cooking, it’s gonna be good.


An eye out for more great holiday cookie recipes that I don’t yet have in my collection.  If you’ve got one, let me know.

Wishing you peace, abundance, joy, connection, good health, and the time to savor and soak it all in.

Happy Holidays, Peeps!