Welcome, 2024!

I’m always surprised at how much a year contains, at all that can happen.

I’ve had a tradition for a long time to sit down each fall and take an account, noting the big and small dollops of goodness that transpired.  In the din of the daily, things get lost, and it gives me the opportunity to remember and soak in the good, even in difficult times.

This year, fall flew by, so I’m sitting down with pen and paper this week.

If you missed this post, the questions might provide you with your own opportunity to sit down and exhale, orient to the expanse of the new year, and renew or even change, your vista.

If you’re limited for time, I’d suggest question #3 and this new one:

5. Who do you want to be this year?

Here’s to turning a brand new page while keeping with us the things that matter most.

Stay tuned for two brand new offerings for 2024.

Coming soon.