Of all things not business and leadership related.


Up to the Wordle craze.  And also mahjong.  Looking into both.


In love with A Gentleman in Moscow.  At this rate, it’s become my summer novel with others in the stack getting pushed forward.  So many people in my circle, personal and professional, spoke of it with adoration.  I’m just at the beginning and already pulled in.


Off that old lifeguard training and sleuthing out a place to teach kids how to swim.  It’s such a joyful, gorgeous thing to watch a kid go from fearful to confident in the water.


The weekly Ageist newsletter, a rec from a friend.  The profiles of people in their 70s and 80s and beyond doing all kinds of cool things, like starting businesses and training for marathons, are so inspiring.  And this week’s piece on human accomplishment featured a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame clip with Prince that left me awestruck.


Never, ever the Mavogel Cotton Eye Mask (a rec in Ageist last year) that blocks out light for better sleep.  So good.


Uphill to an old TS tune, “Shake it Off.”  Summertime running is here!


That this place is reputed to have some fine-tasting oysters.

Have a good week, peeps!