Things I’m thinking about, tuning into, and working on, myself.

So, this is interesting.

You’re reading the 5th draft.

I’ve been wrangling for more than a week.

Which began to concern me late last night, all this being stymied by something I’m so curious about.

And then I remembered.

Before writing the book, wrestling and wrangling over a blog was a regular occurrence.

It took doing something harder — something that at times seemed impossibly difficult – to make blog writing easier.

Which could be a fine place to end this post.

But this is the Friday: Notes on Relationships blog, and I promised you a debrief of sorts, some nuggets of relational goodness and wisdom from observing Terry Real work with couples last month.

For that, I have to go back to the beginning, though, before training with him, to the time post-divorce reading The New Rules of Marriage and seeing his relationship grid and its illumination of grandiosity.

Game changer, life changer.  Personally and professionally.

Because as I began to notice grandiosity – in myself and others –I began to see how incredibly corrosive it is to connection.

And how seductive and sneaky its pull.

Have a good weekend, peeps.

(I’m digging around for the interview Terry and I did for The Making Magnificence Project® several years ago where we talk about grandiosity.  It was sitting on my old website, and I’m not sure I have a copy!  Stay tuned.)