If you’ve heard me deliver a keynote on Magnificent Leadership®, then you’ve likely heard me express  gratitude for the courage and generosity of the leaders who have shared their stories.  It’s something I try to do each time.

But two weeks ago in Philadelphia, I couldn’t.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get it out.  About an hour before, I’d learned that Selma Ungar had passed away.  Selma is featured in my book and keynote, and if there is such a thing as living with one’s full life force, she embodied it.

Since the day when I first interviewed her several years ago, we had many conversations, including a delicious in person visit.  And during one of our calls last October, I found myself scrambling for a piece of paper to capture what she was telling me.  I’d like to pass those words on to you now:

“Take a chance.  Don’t hesitate.”

In celebration of Selma – and magnificent leaders everywhere – who take a chance.

On themselves.

And the unknown.

And possibility.