Is steady, I was telling a client today.

Every week, taking action to stay in front of your clients/customers or their influencers.

(Which means you need to calendar it.)

Not foot down to the floor because of neglect, nor foot off because of delivery.

What kinds of action?  A few items from the menu:

  • Check in with former clients with a quick text, call, article sent
  • Pursue speaking opportunities at premier conferences where your people are
  • Debrief work as it comes to completion and provide sincere recommendations for what yet needs to be done with the customer’s best interest in mind
  • Ask for intros to other, similar fabulous clients/customers from those whom you already serve
  • Write articles in publications that your people read
  • Extend invitations to events that a current or former client/customer might find of value
  • Make connections for those in your network who should know one another, be helpful

Show up to relationship build with consistent generosity and a genuine desire to serve and be of support.

It won’t fail you.

Or your customer/client.