The only-happens-once-a-year discount is on, people!

In celebration of the New Year of 2024, most consulting, coaching, and speaking engagements are discounted by 24% for the month of December.  And, yes, the premier, 150K annual fee, private leadership guidance program, Magnificent Leadership® Ascension, is included, as is the very accessible 25K annual fee Quarterly Guidance Program.
Purchases must be made by December 31, 2023.

With only 2 weeks remaining, now’s the time.

Invest in yourself in 2024; successful people know there is no better ROI.


If you haven’t registered for my cost-free, 45 minute webinar on Authoritative Influence on January 9th at 11am ET, the window is closing.  I am going to have to cap attendance for this webinar to permit enough time for audience interaction and questions.  Many leaders are bringing their teams, so if you want in, lemme know!  Hit reply so we can get you registered.

I’ve heard your many requests for more on this topic and soon, you’ll find it listed here as a brand new keynote for 2024. 

No matter the topic, the venue, or the industry — Harvard’s Kennedy School, the American Bankers Association, Caterpillar, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, as a few examples – and whether an international association conference, a corporate leadership summit, or an offsite senior leadership team retreat, audiences describe me as bringing real world, practical content to the issues they face every day and then blending that information with inspiration, humor, and storytelling that make for immediate action and long- lasting execution.

For more on booking me for your next signature event, drop me a note: or go here to get in touch.

Customized keynotes and workshops include: pre-interviews with select attendees of your choosing, social media push before and after the event, pre-alignment meeting, and blog or podcast pre-event interview.  Add-ons: panel moderation, private VIP dinner and discussion, and book signing.
Speaking fees begin at 18K plus travel.
(And, yes, speaking engagements are included in this month’s 24% New Year Celebration discount!  Engagements must be booked by December 31, 2023.)

For a full list of customizable keynote and workshop topics go here.