I had to buy a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer this week.  Not because the first one conked out after more than 30 years but because I had to replace it after an unrelated issue.

Here’s what I found:

A quick search before purchase revealed that the consistent superior mechanical quality and brand are still very well intact.  One review said it was the “absolute best stand mixer you can get…”

Lots of colors to choose from and coordinate with kitchen décor, and many attachments that didn’t exist 30 years ago.  They’ve been paying attention to their customers and have changed with them.  Attachment for slicing and curling vegetables for avocado toast?  Sure.  Pink mixer, anyone?  Yellow?  Blue?

Their packaging was designed to get the machine to me without a scratch.  This has clearly taken some doing on their part given that the box was delivered upside down with a somewhat crushed exterior.  But safely tucked inside was my beautiful new mixer.  Great news for me and for Kitchen Aid.

Product registration couldn’t have been easier or faster with a quick QR code.  It might have taken me 4 minutes.

And, to top it off, my old friend is still made in the USA, which was noted on the material when I opened the box.

Superior quality, customer attunement, and seamless product distribution.

Not a bad recipe.


For anyone else heading into the kitchen to cream butter and sugar, this is one of my favorite baking books.  The chocolate biscotti are insanely good (I add dried cherries) and keep well.