The 2nd Annual Legacy on Purpose Conference: January 6+7, 2022
9:30-12:30, both days.  Virtual. 

2022 is around the corner.  Greet it with wonder, hope, and precision.  You want to lead and live with more purpose and passion?  More fulfillment?  Greater impact?  There are 6 domains for leading a Legacy On Purpose℠.  You’ll arrive at this conference wondering what’s next and leave with a plan tailored to your life.  Includes 30 days access to me after the conference. Before 10/20, when details go up on my website, a ticket is $750.  After 10/20, $1000.  After 12/1, $1250.  Email me directly to reserve your seat  now:


The 2022 Magnificent Leadership Q1 Free (!) Workshop:  “Trifecta: Virtual Leadership, Culture, and Talent Retention” Thursday, January 20 at 10am ET, 90 minutes.

What are the most effective strategies for virtual leadership?  The best tools for creating and preserving your culture in this fluid RTO/WFH environment?  The most important moves you need to make to hang on to your top talent in this market?  To register, email me directly:  This may not even make it to my site.  You know the drill: First come, first reserved.  When they’re gone, they’re gone.  12 seats.  Virtual.


Strategic COS Sessions

Get out of the weeds, stop playing referee in the sandbox, cease duplicative work, and be freed up for your highest and best work.  With the brisk pace of business growth, you can’t afford not to have a stellar Chief of Staff who anticipates what’s coming and on whom you can rely.  3, 90 minute sessions among the 3 of us over 45 days, prep work and homework to create a plan of execution and responsibility, accelerate progress and momentum, and solidify the Executive-COS relationship.  Includes 30 days of access to me afterward.  Virtual. $15,000


Leadership Mastery Mapping

This is business strategy.  For your leadership.

If you think you don’t have time for this, that’s the indication that you need to make it.  In this leadership mastery strategic session, we’ll work together virtually one-on-one to evaluate all six key areas of your business leadership growth and pinpoint exactly where you most need to focus your attention: Controlled Delegation℠, Executive Presence, Strategic Functioning, Building a Self-Correcting Team℠, Visibility, and Influence.  You’ll leave with a 12 month leadership mastery map with quarterly milestones to keep you on track.  Includes prep work in advance and 45 days access to me afterward.  10-2.  Virtual. $8,500.  Includes a 50% discount on Annual Membership to the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum, a community of select senior executives, where you’ll gain continued leadership development and support over an entire year.  (For approved clients.)


Now Open:

The 2022 Magnificent Leadership® Ascension Program Private Leadership Guidance

Concierge consulting for bold leaders who want to create a lasting imprint of meaningful contribution to the world.

Bespoke, comprehensive, confidential.  12 months. 2 openings.

Ever wonder how some leaders at the top make it look easy?

That’s not an accident.

The finest, purpose-driven leaders know that if their company is growing, they need to grow with it.


For more, email me for an invitation and to explore mutual fit:

Fees begin at $12,500/month or 150K annually with a 10% discount.  2 openings only.

Go here for more.