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Latest Post

Virtual Leadership

Is top of mind for all of my clients these days.

And was part of the discussion at this week’s Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum, as well.

The question that I’m pursuing with everyone?

How to be intentional about connection to team members while simultaneously creating informality.

Three ideas to experiment with:

  • Regular, virtual office hours with an open door policy and invitations to individuals and teams
  • Picking up the phone to chat and check-in (Make it a practice and it won’t seem foreign.)
  • Handwritten notes of appreciation

No matter the communication, the most critical element is your presence.  Your full and focused attention, your genuine interest, your care and concern, and your desire to understand, see, listen, connect, and uplift.

Is that more effort than a quick chat at the water cooler while thinking about the next meeting?


But building your leadership presence capacity while creating multiple and different opportunities to express it, will only make you a more effective leader.

No matter the physical location.

We’ll be in conversation about these and other top-of-mind issues like Culture in the New Era, ESG, Maximizing Business Growth, Strategic Leadership, and more at the upcoming Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum Annual Event on October 6+7.  From Fortune 50 senior leaders to SME CEOs, business leaders across a range of industries are gathering virtually to share and learn and bring their sharpest thinking, their most creative ideas, and their highest aspirations to grow themselves as they grow their businesses.


Did I mention?

Two of the most extraordinary leaders I know – Glen Tullman and Brad Wilson — are joining us for a panel discussion where you’ll be able to ask them about what’s on your mind.

You won’t find a better way to spend the afternoon of October 6th and the morning of October 7th.

Go here to register.  Now is not the time to hesitate, we’re almost sold out.

The Podcast

 The Making Magnificence Project® with Sarah Levitt

Quest and Calling.  Adversity and Triumph.  Leadership and Legacy.

Often it is by hearing someone else’s journey that we find the possibility of taking our own. 

Get ready for the new season coming soon!