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Latest Post

Mastering Your Meetings

Strategic Leadership has 3 parts.

One of them is Inspiration and Vision.

And part of that is mastering your meetings.

If you don’t have a team meeting that develops best practices, roots out inefficiencies and duplicative work, builds greater responsibility, brainstorms and rolls out experiments, connects team members to the impact of their work, decides on course corrections and leverages successes, you are missing one of the best, most practical and tactical tools for getting more from your people.

And getting yourself out of the weeds.

To request my proprietary meetings format and Self-Correcting Team℠ Inventory, hit reply to this email.

And to learn more about working together to build a Self-Correcting Team℠, email me directly:

My next openings for this work are in June.

If you have a question about teams, submit it to Ask Me ( and if it’s selected, it will be published here next month.

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 The Making Magnificence Project® with Sarah Levitt

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Often it is by hearing someone else’s journey that we find the possibility of taking our own. 

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