Written last night and made a priority, a cocktail of the following:


Remote Barre

Extra Fruits and Vegetables

Running at my new favorite route in the woods

As much time outside as possible to take in the riot of spring that is unfolding right in front of me

Connecting with dear friends


Plank and push-ups

Reading whatever pulls me


If you’re like me, when the going gets tough, you get going.  I’ve been checking in on all my clients, current and past, having conversations, both professional and personal, that these times warrant.  I’ve been looking at more ways to be of more support and help to you, creating offerings at no charge, publishing more, bringing  you the thinking and best practices from your colleagues, tapping the wisdom of Magnificent Leadership’s leaders (stay tuned for Brad Wilson this week), and generally thinking about how I can be doing more to serve you.  I’ve also been gearing up to lend support to those charitable organizations who serve our most vulnerable.

And last night, as I was writing, I realized I was off.  Way off.


I hadn’t written in my journal for many days, a sign that I’d been slipping, sliding off course.  And as I finally put pen to paper, in that quiet space I realized that I was in a constant state of low grade rev, rather than grounded.

My foundation had eroded.

If we are leading, our first course of action is self-leadership.

It is not necessarily visible to others, but it is wholly felt by them.

And it determines the steps forward that we take.

Even Anthony Fauci, working tirelessly on the front lines of this crisis, has begun getting more sleep.

What’s your sticky list?

Your top 3 musts to keep you leading – and being — at your optimum during these times?


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