One of the tremendous benefits of what I do is that I work with clients across industry, seeing their experiments and best practices.  I’d like to bring that kind of cross-industry knowledge to you here, real time, as you experiment with this new frontier of an all-remote workforce.

It’s early in this process, but we can all learn from one another’s efforts.  Please write and tell me what you’re finding to be working and not, what you’re doing to ensure and maintain outstanding client relations, how your employees are managing child care and work all in the same room, what your most effective meeting formats look like, and how you’re ensuring good communication.

I’ll compile your input and post it here.

Next week, we’ll also begin hearing from some of the leaders in Magnificent Leadership, getting their take on leading during this crisis, beginning with Brad Wilson, former CEO of BCBS of NC.

And, stay tuned for upcoming episodes of The Making Magnificence Project®, where I’m in conversation with leaders on how they’re steering right now and for the future.

I want to be providing you with the most important information that you need to navigate these waters, so let me know what’s most pressing for you:   I know one of the things that’s coming up with my clients, in addition to focusing on sales pipeline/revenue, reserves, and projections, is an examination of their bench strength.  Now is the time to shore up and strengthen your leadership capacity.

Wishing you all good health.

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