Necessity might be the mother of invention but it doesn’t always create lasting change.

And while none of us would wish for this pandemic, there have been some innovations that are for the better and likely here to stay:

  • Sales
  • Stretching and Stretch Roles
  • Efficiencies in processes, like onboarding

Sales has traditionally been done in person, out on the road.  Well, we know that’s been impossible for many, if not most, salespeople since March.  What’s not been impossible, however, is selling.  And I’m hearing from some CEOs that they’re seeing good salespeople who are not only doing ok, but excelling, and their numbers reflect it.  They’ve flexed and adjusted to meeting customers virtually, to changing the entire sales process.  Even when we’re on the other side of the pandemic, I think the leaner processes are here to stay.  With much greater profitability.

Whether you’ve had to ask someone to step up and assume greater responsibility because of furloughs and being short staffed, or because your plate is overflowing and you’re being forced to delegate to attend to where you’re most needed, team members are stretching.  And they’re doing it well.  I’m hearing this across industry, from retail to professional services.  People are stepping up, right hands are being created, and benches are being built.  This is all for the better.  Leaders are able to focus where they’re most valuable, team members get opportunities they might not, and there is a greater sturdiness to the overall team – and organization — because there’s some backup in place.

If onboarding had been sluggish in the past, it’s becoming lightening fast.  You’ve found ways to integrate new team members into the fold quickly and successfully.  Some of the successes: giving new team members a point of contact in the organization for anything and everything, making the HR process move more rapidly, and, perhaps most telling of the times we’re in: ensuring that new employees have the right technology to begin immediately, including a contact in tech to help them with any glitches.

We still have some distance to cover in this 10x marathon, but you are innovating with success and adaptability.  Let me know of other unexpected successes you’re having.  I’d love to hear about them.

I work with CEOs and senior executives who are courageous, talented, successful, and want to make their mark.

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