I’ve been fostering a very sweet, exuberant, one year old German Shepherd who’s not had much socialization or training.

Which has left me laughing and covered in dog slobber for the last 3 weeks.

I was going to write that he’s shown me about the reciprocity of asking, about how trust and clarity of expectations on the part of the asker are nestled within a successful request.

But he’s brought something else to my attention: legacy.

Even though I’ve never met the person he spent the first year of his life with, I have a keen sense of who they are through what I see in him, through the imprint they left behind.

It occurs to me that despite the relentless demands it places on the present, leadership is best and most accurately measured in a rear view mirror.

What will be seen when you’re no longer at the helm?

An organization and its people that are better off for having known you?

For having been led by you?

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