You know that question?

The one about with whom you’d most like to have dinner?

Abe Lincoln. Hands down.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to hear Doris Kearns Goodwin speak last week. I knew it was as close to that dinner as I would get.

Despite the gripping, often humorous, sometimes deeply sad, stories of LBJ, Churchill, FDR, and, yes, Lincoln, that Goodwin shared, what stays with me is Goodwin herself.

And her unable-to-conceal-it-if-she-tried enthusiasm.

Simply put, Goodwin’s zest and energy for history are spellbinding.

And infectiously motivating to connect with what she’s so passionate about.

You want your team to behave as if they’re owners?

With full-on dedication?

Do you have unable-to-conceal-it-if-you-tried enthusiasm?

If you’re interested in Magnificent Leadership™ and deliberately crafting your own page in leadership’s history, I’ll have openings for working with me directly in the next month.

Goodwin and I share the perspective that great leaders are made.