The new year.

And the promise of the yet unwritten.

But, wait.

Take a walk with me.

To next January.

And now look back over your shoulder.

What do you see?

That you strived for, stretched toward?

Put your time, energy, and attention to?



I work with talented and successful CEOs and senior executive leaders to accelerate their success.  My next openings are in February.  To schedule a mutually exploratory conversation, you can reach me at

There is no time like the present to gather your senior leadership team for an offsite to set strategic priorities, build cohesion, and create a plan of action.  For more on my Magnificent Leadership® Team Accelerator Sessions, you can reach me at

In celebration of the new year, I’m offering two new keynotes and a special offer.  Book any keynote for 2019 or 2020 by January 31, 2019, and receive a 20% discount on my fee.  It’s my way of saying thank you and greeting the new year.

New!  “The Next Level: Magnificent Leadership® in a New Role.”  Many of my clients are promoted into, or are preparing for, elevated leadership positions where they’re leading like they’ve never had to before, with more responsibility and a brighter spotlight.  There are 5 domains for success: Influence, Visibility, Prioritization, Presence, and Action.  This keynote explores each domain and the keys to mastering them.

New!  “Magnificent Leadership® and Building Self-Correcting Teams™.” Technically, this keynote rolled out in 2018, but it was so well received that I’ve added it to my stable of keynote offerings.  High performing teams are baseline for success.  What leaders need are teams that can function without them, what I call Self-Correcting Teams™.  This keynote illustrates the 4 cornerstones of building Self-Correcting Teams™, including how to get out of the weeds and no longer play referee, as well as how to implement Controlled Delegation™.

The most popular keynote of 2018 was “Magnificent Leadership: Keys to Success”.  It distills the 8 keys to leadership success that I found across all different domains when interviewing successful leaders for The Making Magnificence Project®, and what would become my book.

For keynote descriptions and booking information, you can reach me at