About five years ago, I attended a global consulting conference where I requested a “hot seat” in front of the audience.  The purpose: I would present a business challenge and receive feedback.

The dilemma I brought that day was what to do with a special endeavor called The Making Magnificence Project®.  I loved it, I said, but where did it fit in to my business?

The questions that came at me were rapid fire.  And I couldn’t answer 90% of them.

When I hopped off the seat, mind whirring, face warm, heart pounding , I had lots of ideas, but I didn’t have a precise answer.

That would coagulate the following year.

Instead, what I did have was the knowledge that I’d been willing to risk — and could tolerate — a fair amount of discomfort for what I aspired to.

My clients, all quite successful, do the same thing when they hire me.

In their quest for better, for excellence, they’re reaching for the territory beyond.

And in so doing, they are not choosing ease.

They’re choosing the seat.


For more on Magnificent Leadership® and working with me directly in 2019, you can reach me at sarah@sarah-levitt.com for a mutually exploratory conversation.  My clients are CEOs and Fortune 500 senior executives who are talented, successful, and want to make a lasting impact.

(And to see what I did with The Making Magnificence Project®, you can go here.)