During a recent conversation, one senior executive described leadership right now as everything all at once.  Bottom line survival. Team member motivation.  And a future that is yet to be determined but is being shaped by the decisions we’re making now.

Not surprisingly, I’m hearing more about resilience – leadership and organizational – than I can recall in a long time.  I’d encourage you to listen the free recordings of The Making Magnificence Project® where leaders speak openly with me about how they found and created resilience for themselves and their people.

One of the most striking themes that came out of those conversations was the power of the frame that we use to define and understand the hardship that we experience.  The more conversations I had, the clearer it became – how we think about a challenge determines how we navigate it.  And, sometimes, how we survive it.

Organizationally, that can be the difference between hunkering down and innovating.

This NYT article by Adam Grant illuminates several tools for building resilience and thinking about the future while we experience tremendous challenge.

Although the future is yet written, how we think in the present is all ours.

(I’m being invited to speak on leadership and organizational resilience at virtual conferences, leadership teams inside organizations, Board meetings, and at intimate roundtable meetings of clients with their clients.  I’ve designed a talk specific to our circumstances:  Reconnecting with Resilience and Leading Through COVID — The 4 key investments to make in yourself and your team to successfully navigate the future.  For more information, email me: sarah@sarah-levitt.com)

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Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum

An elite group coaching program for senior executives leading through COVID

When something is destroyed, there is the opportunity for something to be born.

And during this COVID crisis, much has been disrupted, destroyed, and turned upside down.

During my 25 years of business, this is the greatest crisis we’ve faced, with the most uncertainty.

As one senior executive recently told me, “It’s everything all at once.”

Bottom line survival.  Team member exhaustion, fear, and motivation.  Navigating an unknown future.


There will be a future.

Another side.

And it is courageous leadership that will get us there.

This is an opportunity to create a future rather than be defined by a crisis.

And there will be leaders who not only ascend in their own trajectory but rise to this difficult occasion  and steer themselves and their organizations into that future, stronger, more competitive, and truly innovative. But they won’t get there alone.   

Introducing the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum

In this unique executive group coaching program, select senior leaders from organizations across industry and size are represented — technology, biotech, manufacturing, higher education, science, banking, and professional services, as examples — to create a rich learning ecosystem that accelerates results.  Among an outstanding cohort of your peers, we’ll discuss your most critical issues, shared experiences, and hot-off-the-press learnings.  We’ll talk urgent and strategic.  In a trusted space where you don’t have to sugar-coat anything, so you can make the best decisions possible.  Success in these times requires bringing everything you’ve got.  It does not require going it alone.

In addition, members also have private access to me.

 What’s Included:

  • Twice-monthly virtual group sessions of 90 minutes
    (Topics and questions may be submitted to Sarah in advance.)
  • Private phone and text access to Sarah for questions
  • Access to other high performing, innovative, front-of-the-pack senior leaders
  • Access to Sarah’s coaching and guidance real-time
  • Subscription to the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Mastermind Newsletter exclusive to members and not found elsewhere
  • No more than 10 members in a cohort for optimal learning and group dynamic

Cost: $2500, Quarterly Membership*

Low, accessible pricing compared to Sarah’s typical executive consulting and coaching rates.  If there is a price increase in the future, you will be locked in at this low rate.

To join or apply, email Sarah before June 30: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

*Membership automatically renews quarterly unless withdrawal from the program is requested.