Emergence requires energy.  To take risks, to persevere, to sustain inevitable setbacks, to bolster others, to not get swept away by either an overly cheery or negative perspective.

Uncertainty depletes energy because it requires that we tolerate a state of limbo that is very, very uncomfortable.  (One of the most candid descriptions I’ve heard about navigating the journey of the unknown is acclaimed writer Ben Fountain talking about his quest to write and what he did to sustain himself on the long road to success.)

So how to manage uncertainty and successfully emerge?

We must be in equal measure to do.

Be present to ourselves and what we need to nourish within.

Be curious and inquisitive about what others need from us.

Be accepting of the vicissitudes of emotion that are visiting us all.

Be confident that we have the capacity to adapt.

Be hopeful about the future.

Be aware that there is much to learn.

Be challenged by how to use this crisis not just for better, but for good.


There is lots to do.

No argument from me.

But being not only propels doing.

It sustains it.


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