The status quo in healthcare just isn’t working, Glen Tullman tells us in his new book.  And he’s dedicated himself to being a part of the change that’s needed.  The former CEO of Allscripts and current CEO of Livongo Health wants to put information in the hands of people affected by chronic conditions and empower them in their own care.

On Our Terms: Empowering the New Health Consumer is both an explanation of the fundamental problem facing our healthcare system today and a solution.  Glen makes the case that the current system is designed, and designed really well, for acute illness.  Heart surgery, for example.  But chronic conditions, like the kind that affects Glen’s son with Type 1 diabetes, are not well addressed in the current system.  And the answer, Glen says, lies not in trying to engage that person, but empower them, instead.

What does it mean to empower today’s health consumer?  Go here to read more and learn what Glen’s doing to make it an everyday reality.

And if you want to know more about Glen, himself, you can read some of his story here.  He’s one of the leaders I had the honor of featuring in my book.  (Amazon has sold out again, so you’ll want to go to Barnes and Noble as Amazon restocks.)