If you’re considering working with an executive coach, below are five suggested screening criteria.

  1. Does it feel like a fit? Above all, whomever you choose should feel like a good fit. In your gut.  Trust is the foundation of a good coaching relationship, and if it’s not there, it will be difficult to get where you want to go.
  2. Does the coach have business experience in addition to coaching expertise? This becomes increasingly important the more senior an executive is in an organization if for no other reason than to have a shared understanding of some of the challenges and pressures the client faces.
  3. Who does the coach work with (c-suite, for example), and what are their results? Do they want to establish objectives for the coaching engagement with you?
  4. Will the coach tell you the truth, and challenge you to your highest potential, compassionately? This is an art and it should not be underestimated, both in its importance and its skill.
  5. This last one is probably harder to discern, but is the coach still learning, themselves? Are they trying to always get ever better at what they do so they can bring that back to their clients?  And, as part of this, do they embody what they suggest for you?

I always tell prospective clients that the first criteria from above is quite important, whether they work with me or someone else.  I’ve had clients come to me after spending a year working with an executive coach where they just didn’t think it was a fit.  And none of them ever thought it was time well spent.     Look for someone whom you know you want to have in your corner.  Without hesitation.


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