I was listening to this podcast while making a pot of soup today.  And one of the first things that Dan Harris said really caught my attention.

In essence: At this time of year when many of us are setting goals about important things like health, we seem to completely leave out our relationships.

And yet, it is those relationships that define the quality of our lives, says Esther Perel, who Harris interviews in this episode.  Both cite the famed Harvard men’s health study of many decades.

So.  Before the new year pulls us forward with its momentum, I wanted to pass this along as we consider our aspirations for 2024 and beyond.

It turns out that putting a deliberate focus on building more rich connection over the next decade was my answer to this question.  More interconnectedness, in a variety of ways and places, that grows and deepens over the next 10 years.

P.S.  As a leader, if you recognize yourself in Esther’s description of multitasking and splitting your attention during conversations, and you decide to do it differently in 2024, it will be a game changer.  For you.  And for everyone you lead.  Guaranteed.