I got a voicemail yesterday from the Executive Director of one of the charitable organizations that I donate to.

And she did something pretty unusual.

A dog was found by hunters far out in the woods of North Carolina, she said, and the organization was working on the case right now.  When the hunters found the pup, it was submerged in mud up to its chest.  Upon extraction, they found a dog with a severely damaged foot.  And although they brought her to the local shelter, there was no help to be found due to very limited resources.  Which is where the Executive Director’s organization stepped in.  The was dog arriving today, she said, and will go straight to a veterinarian and likely have surgery.

They call this a medical intervention, and it gives dogs like this a second chance at life.

She thanked me for being part of their team.

If you are not doing this, if you are not telling story and connecting people to the meaning and impact of their work and contributions – your team members, the Board, stakeholders you are trying to bring along, as examples – you are missing one of the most effective and powerful tools for motivation and influence.

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