I caught the tail end of a report on NPR this evening where a school administration official had declared a snow day after a great accumulation had fallen over the district.

Despite the fact that the school system was on remote learning.

The official said that kids had so much taken away this year, they didn’t want to take away one more thing.  So a snow day, it became.  And students were encouraged to go out and play.

Which got me thinking.

No matter where you live across the US and globe as you read this, what could it look like if, as the year comes to a close, we took a snow day?

I don’t mean a vacation day.

Or a day to get caught up on household stuff or gift buying.

I mean a day spent with the unexpected permission to play.

This has hardly been a year for frolicking.

But what if we carved out a day?

And lived as if we woke up to two feet of snow.

I’m thinking jigsaw puzzle and hot chocolate.