Have you mapped out yours?

Below are the last two questions — of eight — for Strategic Emergence in the new year.

  1. Where do you add the greatest value to your organization and in your role?
  2. Do you have regular strategic thinking time with your Deputy/COS/ Lieutenant each week? Or, if you don’t have a number 2, do you have that time scheduled for yourself to get out of the daily and take a strategic, aerial overview ?  Are you able to consistently maintain a commitment to this time?  If not, what typically infringes on it, and how can you resolve that?

Speaking of planning… Virtual spring conference season is under way and looks to be quite robust.  To schedule a call and discuss how I can be of support to your event as a speaker or leading a panel discussion, write to me: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

Some comments from attendees at last week’s CEO event:  “Great energy,“ “So enjoyable and worthwhile,” “Things I can implement quickly,” “Big takeaways”.

Below you’ll find the topics that I’m speaking on in Q1.

Bringing the Outside In: Cultivating the Soil of Entrepreneurship in Your Organization
How to foster speed, grow innovation, and encourage hustle

Three of Eight: The 3 Key Factors for Magnificent Leadership® Emergence in 2021
The essential leadership actions for success in the new year

Reconnecting with Resilience™:  The 4 Key Investments for Leading through COVID and Beyond
The 4 key investments to make in yourself and your team to successfully navigate the future

Magnificent Leadership® – Keys to Leading through Uncertainty with Success
Transform Uncertainty, Transcend Circumstance, and Claim the Future: Applying the 8 key factors

 Six Month Strategy – Planning During Uncertainty
How to create and execute a responsive strategy for uncertain and volatile times

Magnificent Leadership®: Building Self-Correcting Teams™
Forget high performance and instead build a team that can function without you

VIP Velvet Rope Offering: Customized Roundtable Discussion for Your Select Attendees
You choose whom to invite, we craft a signature offering that can only be found through you, and I bring unique content and lead a discussion among participants