Is the keynote I’m delivering at today’s WICT Leadership Conference.

If you think culture is one of those squishy business notions, the convergence between it and talent retention is quite solid.

Add virtual leadership to the mix and you’ve got a trifecta.

Which is just one of the sessions at this week’s Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum Annual Event where 20 select business leaders from across a broad range of industries are gathering to step out of the daily and into elevated business discussion to greet the new frontier of 2022 with sharp strategic focus.

Serial CEO Glen Tullman, CEO Emeritus Brad Wilson, and Economist Gene Flood are in the house, as well, sharing their insights and experiences.

To put your name on the invite list for next year’s event, email me:

Attendees this week get dibs on the 20 open seats for next year’s conference.

And this year is sold out.

For a seat in the new season of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum, itself, a learning ecosystem for senior leaders that meets twice monthly, go here for more information and to apply.  We begin on October 13th!