As I tuned into the news late Friday evening, the anchor began by saying that just two weeks ago Ruth Bader Ginsburg was still alive.

That’s what kind of a whirlwind it’s been.

Many of my clients have seen a robust Q3 in business and are expecting similar results for Q4.

But many are also talking about some kind of fatigue.  Their own or their teams’.

And it’s no wonder.

2020 hasn’t given us much time to catch our breath.

As we face continued uncertainty on the political, health, and economic fronts, how we lead ourselves is top of my mind and heart.

And there is nothing I’ve found more essential to self-leadership than being able to connect to the calm within no matter how uncertain or frenzied the world around us becomes.

How to connect?  Below is a partial list of what I return to again and again and what I see working for clients.  Think of it as a menu of options to experiment with.  Just one or two practiced with regularity can make a big difference.

Outside time, particularly in nature
Music that uplifts
Safe and supportive spaces where we can be real
Something meditative and soothing (cooking, gardening, walking, sitting and breathing, meditating, etc.)
Noticing, naming, and feeling grateful for the good
Playing a musical instrument
Paying attention to where we’re focusing our attention
Staying connected to those who nourish us
Limiting the time we spend with those who don’t
Being aware of when we’re off and asking ourselves what we need to get back
Exercise (combined with outside time is doubly nutritious for me)
Consciously consuming news rather than feverishly
I’ve found that these practices are both moor and path.  They not only keep us connected to calm center but help us to find our way back when we’re not.


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