1. Know Thy Customer. If, for example, a profile says that someone is reading ten books at once, that tells you something.  (In addition to my either having an attention deficit or gone insane during the pandemic.)  As do the titles.  A little research goes a long way.
  2. “Hey” Followed by a Phone Number is Not an Effective Sales Strategy. You can throw paint against a wall and hope that something sticks with cold calling, or you can try to build connection.  The second strategy might seem more time consuming and effortful, but if you’ve done #1 well, it’s actually more efficient.  And likely yields better customers.
  3. Questions and Listening are Secret Sales Weapons. Use them well, with genuine curiosity and attention, and you will be employing some of the most effective tools for becoming a rock star salesperson.  In addition to distinguishing yourself from the competition.