In 4 weeks.

Are you positioning for success?

Two more questions — of eight — for Strategic Emergence:

  • What are the best opportunities that exist for your organization or team in this changing climate as we move into 2021? Where can you be positioned to really excel and leverage success from this year?  Where can you invest in yourself and your team for the greatest ROI?
  • Evaluating the competencies and capacities required to execute on one or two of those opportunities, what are they, and do you have the right people in the right roles on your team?

These next weeks are critical for planning and positioning.  Strategically.

Private Guidance for Senior Leaders:

Magnificent Leadership® Ascension – Private Leadership Guidance
Your leadership matters more than ever.  And you likely need a sounding board and an outside, strategic perspective more than ever.  During this crisis and beyond, there are leaders who are not only ascending in their own trajectory but rising to this difficult occasion and steering their organizations into the future with success and growth.

They are my clients.

Highly customized, concierge, signature offering.

Your responsibilities don’t keep 9-5 hours, and neither do you.

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Accelerated Elevation™: Executive Coaching for a New Role
For senior executives entering elevated leadership roles.

Your technical success got you noticed.  You’ve landed the new role.  The stakes are higher, though.  The initiatives bigger.  You’re more visible, across more audiences, as well.

Do you have the right person to help you succeed, a trusted and strategic guide who knows the path forward?

You can drink from a firehose your first year or you can blow all success markers out of the water.

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The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum

  • Select senior leaders from across the globe
  • A rich learning ecosystem that accelerates results
  • Top tier guest speakers
  • A trusted space so you can be real
  • Virtual meetings at a time that works for you
  • And… direct, private coaching with me

Members are saying that it’s unlike any other senior executive peer group experience.

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