And it’s not going back in.

The pandemic and WFH has forced flexibility where it might not have been considered before.

And while there are positions – call centers come to mind – that require set hours, many positions do not.  And, like at a call center, some roles may require set hours but not being physically in the office.

Instead, what’s most needed is the kind of internal motivation that strives to be accountable to results.

No matter the hours logged.

Or the time of day.

Or the location from where the work is done.

Are you able to consistently hire that kind of self-led, top talent?

And are you able to get out of the weeds and lead them effectively?

As we move into 2021, micromanaging will be less effective than it already is, and fair-minded leadership with high standards that treats team members as fully responsible adults, will thrive.  No matter someone’s work location.

Note: The questions in last week’s blog, “2021,” came straight from what I shared with the members of my community in the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum earlier this fall.  If you’re curious about what belonging to a community of select, supportive executive peers can do for you, email me to schedule a phone call to discuss if it’s the right fit for you: sarah@sarah-levitt.com