Three Questions to Ask:

Might others in the organization be vulnerable, as well?

What happened, and what, if anything, needs your attention for future retention of your superstars?

What’s the time required to fill the position, and who will do what in the meantime? (And is your bench strength being given enough attention?)

Three Items to Take Action On:

Assess whether you’re hiring for the culture of your organization.  (And be an organization that attracts and retains top talent.)

Get super-creative in the perks that you offer compared to your competitors.  Your sales people want to be home on Friday night in time for the weekend after being on the road all week?  What can you do to make that happen? Superstars always have choices.

Create “stay” interviews if you haven’t already, so that you’re dialed-in to what matters most to team members at different levels and positions within the organization.

Bonus #4: Be prepared to address and be tuned-in to morale after a superstar leaves.