Back in 2012 when I was really launching my consulting practice, I was in a bit of a pickle.

With my thinking.

Despite having launched a previous greenhouse business from scratch and grown it to very nice success, I was starting over.

And I was doing it solo.

Which I very much wanted.

I wanted this new thing.  And I wanted it to be of my own making.  Entirely.

But with that aspiration came the weight of its success sitting squarely on my shoulders.

And the pickle I found myself in was one of fear.

My somewhat panicked thinking was a tight knit ball that recycled the same theme over and over again: What if I can’t make it? What if I can’t do this again, take something from scratch to success?

The self-coaching that I’d been attempting wasn’t getting me anywhere; I knew I needed something external to shake up and break up that pattern of thinking, to loosen it.

After just one coaching session, and a talk with my best friend, I was focused in a different direction.

It would be a little while before things really started to pick up steam in my business.  And I had to monitor and work on my thinking.  All. The. Time.  But what a difference it made.

One of the key factors for Magnificent Leadership is being “Undaunted: Stretching through Fear.”

Being scared, it turns out, is not unusual when we’re reaching for something more, reaching for something greater than where — and who — we presently are.

It’s only when fear becomes our focus that it becomes an impediment.

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